We assist in every stage of seafarer’s nomination, approval and pre-joining preparations, ensuring not only smooth embarkation, but also providing the crew with complete information about his employment, company’s requirements, vessel’s details, trading area etc.
Our major concern is to ensure that the crew embarks fully acquainted with all details, terms and conditions of his employment contract and that it completely corresponds to all applicable national and international regulations, company’s requirements, strictly following MLC 2006 rules.

It is our duty to make sure your employment contract obeys your personal and professional rights, together with the provisions of the applicable legislation.
We ensure, within the limits of our jurisdiction, that the seafarer’s rights are fully implemented in accordance with the requirements MLC 2006

Our services also include a proper handling of the preparation of a Seafarer before departing:
During our recruitment and selection process, we make sure that the validity of the Documents and Certificates cover the contract period and additional time as per Employers requirements (We always advise the Ex-Crew which Documents / Certificates need to be renewed in advance).

When the Candidate received the assignment (Vessel Name, Joining Date & Port and other significant details) our duty is to verified:

Documents / Certificates Validity of:
• National Passport
• National Seaman’s Passport / National Seaman’s Book
• Flag state Documents
• STCW Certificates
• Additional Documents, Certificates depending the Rank
• Documents and Certificates required by chilean Maritime Administration
• Additional Courses / Trainings according to the Employer’s requirements ( Type specific ECDIS, MAN ME, Wartsila RT Flex, others)

Medical Examination, Vaccinations:
ISM AGENCY GROUP cooperate with licensed Marine Medical Centers approved by Chilean Maritime Administration and Ministry of Health specialized in working with seafarers. Doctors and dentist would be approved and appointed by the Employing Companies.
The Marine Medical Centers are supplied with high technological equipment and qualified personnel organized for the candidates to do their physical examination, drug, alcohol tests and vaccinations.

Visas needed for entering country of destination
We keep up to date with visa requirements and procedures and can help with renewals and temporary visas in many cases.

Reservation/Obtaining the plane ticket, (As per Employer’s Policy)
We can help with any international or local travel arrangements for crew.

Our Company can arrange and book air tickets, make hotel reservations to save your time and to get the best prices using our local connections and contacts in the travel industry.

Information and preparing for departure.
ISM AGENCY GROUP conduct a complete pre-joining familiarization to the Seafarers including:

• Complete information about the obtained job, detailed description of the work place, on the conditions of each company;
• Description of requirements to be fulfilled and life specifics aboard;
• Helpful information about the country of destination;
• Reviewing all documents needed for embarkation;
• Information of the arrangement of transportation to the airport on the day of departure (If require);
• Complete information about the Agent at the port of embarkation;
• Any other important information.