ISM AGENCY GROUP is committed to professional excellence and personal integrity in its recruitment policy.
We are always seeking highly motivated, energetic, outgoing and qualified employees with a positive attitude.
We will be always directed to get result of success full job performance of our clients throughout the world.

ISM AGENCY GROUP, uses an effective recruitment system adapted to the specific requirements of its principals, which ensures that both efficiency and cost-effectiveness are achieved in the selection of seafarers.
The company maintains a constantly updated manpower pool and an impressive databank of qualified candidates who have undergone an extensive evaluation process. Our Team of crew management specialists offer an unrivalled service which includes the recruitment, employment, payroll, administration, training and travel services to ship owners worldwide.
We recognize the high standards that are required, the professional officers & crew in demand and the constant change.
ISM AGENCY GROUP provides dedicated teams to facilitate and compliment any brand.

The Clients with whom we work clearly have an exemplary product and service culture and are looking for candidates to match their own exacting standards. Similarly, good caliber applicants are seeking the best available position to reflect their career aspirations and needs. Hence it is foremost in our minds that we should make the right partnership so that we can satisfy both elements of our business.

Our recruitment process is designed to select candidates of good appearance, attitude and interest, who demonstrate a professional approach to their potential employment.
However, we believe that such individuals are selective and have a choice of employer.

Much of our recruitment process too is involved in providing sufficient Company information and guidance if requested, to enable Officers and Crew to make an enlightened and perceptive decision, to best suit their unique experience and career aspirations.
Where possible, our new recruits are taken through a comprehensive induction procedure to ensure they are fully prepared for their new placement and will be of maximum benefit to their employers.
ISM AGENCY GROUP operate in all the areas of the maritime fields, providing Seafarers in all Ranks and Levels. Our database includes Masters, Deck Officers, Engineering Officers, Deck and Engine Ratings and Catering crew as well as specialist personnel such as DPOs and all the key positions for Hotel Department in Passenger Vessels and Yachts.

ISM AGENCY GROUP offers young graduate candidates as Cadets for Deck, Engine and Electrical.
Our candidates are currently studying or already completed their education in the following universities/schools: Naval Academy, Varna & Technical University, Varna both well-known and internationally recognized Marine Universities.
Marine High Schools in Varna and Burgas.