We are honored to introduce International Ship Management (ISM), a leading company in the shipping industry.
With the mission of providing the best quality recruitment management services, talent market intelligence and outsourcing services
Throughout the globe to the shipping and hospitality industry. We operate primarily in these industries, but are certainly not limited to them.
We offer customized services to meet the unique requirements of each client taking time to understand their needs,
Specific objectives and requirements.

Our office is located in Valpàraiso, the main port of Chile, where is the only school of Merchant Marine of Chile and headquarters of all universities and institutes in the area of hotel, gastronomy and tourism
(Marine Academy, Technical University, Marine Colleges and many Marine Training Centers).

ISM provides a worldwide reach across the industry to find and recruit suitable senior officer candidates to the crew of Hoteleria, Gastronomy and Tourism
Our database consists of an international specialist in seafarers (officers and qualifications) with experience in different types of vessels and in hotel management personnel Gastronomy and Tourism
(Maritime and offshore sector)

Due to the expansion of our activities, ISM has been divided into 3 areas:

Merchant ISM are mainly concentrated to provide services to shipping companies

ISM Hoteleria for cruises, and ISM for luxury yachts.