Valparaiso, Chile

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 Top 4:

  • Assist with monitoring and operating all water-based recreation spacesincluding, opening, closing, monitoring safety and volume of theDonald’s/Goofy’s pool, AquaDunk/AquaDuck waterslide, Twist nSpout/Mickey’s slide and pools, Nephew’s/Nemo’s Reef, AquaLab andgeneral activity around pool areas

  • Assist with monitoring and operating all shipboard recreation spacesincluding Goofy’s/Wide World of Sports deck, ping pong, shuffle board,foosball, mini golf, sports simulators areas; set up and verify suppliesand equipment are available during operating hours; replenish, cleanand maintain as needed

  • Monitor the integrity of shipboard adult only areas, such as Quiet Covepool area; assist in minimizing the volume of children congregatingaround the ship; interact with Guests and provide any directions/Guestservice assistance.

  • Assist with the Port Adventures as directed based on skills andperformance; this will include, but is not limited to dispatching tours(report feedback), operating the Port Adventures desk and processing,stuffing and delivering pre-booked tickets

Job Responsibilities:

Ensure the well-being of our Guests, keeping pool areas clean,answering Guest questions, enforcing policies, rules and regulations ofRecreation locations

Be fully qualified as a licensed lifeguard; participate in regular trainings,including but not limited to, in-service training, re-certification, CastawayCay training, etc.

Monitor radio communication with Port Adventures manager and otherareas; communicate with the Bridge on the radio in emergencysituations

Conduct bookings and sales of golf and sports simulators. (DisneyDream and Disney Fantasy)

Assist with Castaway Cay duties, including Marge’s Barge’s sales anddispatch operation, island opening and closing duties, rental ofrecreational equipment including bikes, float mats, tubes, snorkelequipment, and boats; provide instruction to Guests in the operation ofrental boats and the use of snorkel equipment

Maintain adequate supplies for daily operation and confirm operation’sshow readiness, adhering to all VSP guidelines

Entertain and conduct sport related games and activities

Perform Greeter or Host duties as directed

Required/Desired: Experience, Qualifications, Education, Licenses

Minimum two years recent work experience in a lifeguard capacity, in apool setting; high volume environment

Ability to pass a pre-hire swim and successfully complete lifeguardtraining (conducted upon arrival on Orlando, Florida); certificationrequirements must also be maintained throughout contract

Experience in a lifeguard capacity in an open water setting a plus

Previous experience with boats, snorkel equipment, or otherrecreational equipment a plus

High level of fitness including strong swimming abilities

Good computer skills and operational knowledge

Skill test required:

Pre-Hire Swim Test

Guest Contact:


Limited Benefits – On contract coverage only; Protection and Indemnity (Maintenance and Cure) coverage, for illnesses and/or injuries while in the service of the ship; Death benefit for dependents

Average Contract Length

4.5 months on/6 weeks off

Privilege Level

Petty Officer/Staff


Shared - 1-3 roommates


Company organizes and pays for travel