Quick Service Attendant

Valparaiso, Chile

Odoo CMS- Imagen simple flotante


Job Responsabilities

  • Aid in the set up of midnight snacks and buffets

  • Ensure USPH standards: Clean walls, lamps, windows,
    ceilings andbuffet area; breakdown equipment,
    clean and sanitize equipment,reassemble coffee/juice machines,
    toasters, milk dispensers and allother restaurant equipment
    and surrounding areas

  • Serve food and beverages; take orders from designated menus
    (CasualDining only)

  • Serve food and beverages, work buffet line on Castaway Cay

    Skill test not required

Top 3

  • Greet Guests, clear and clean tables, maintain silverware, plates, cups,napkins, trays, and food on buffet lines

  • Prepare fast food items for service in food outlets

  • Maintain 24 hour beverage station; clean and replenish stock


  • Minimum one year in a Food and Beverage service related role

  • Fast food or buffet experience preferred

  • Must be able to lift and/or move 50-60 pound items

Limited Benefits

On contract coverage only;

  • Protection and Indemnity (Maintenance and Cure) coverage, for illnesses and/or injuries while in the service of the ship

  • Death benefit for dependents


DCL organizes and pays for travel 


Shared - 1-3 roommates 

Average Contract Length

8 months on/2 months off

Privilege Level